Scary Huggy Playtime

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About Scary Huggy Playtime

Have you played Scary Huggy Playtime, a horror adventure game? In this action game, you will transform into a human, a fugitive, or Huggy, a seeker to complete your mission.

Roles Of Each Character

If you turn into a human, you must change into one of the suggested things to get away from Huggy's pursuit. Pick one of the available items, such as an airplane, a garbage can, a Rubik's cube, or some other toy. You can choose a random location to stay there. To win, you must survive through 1 minute and 31 seconds. Note that you have 15 seconds to hide.

You also have 1 minute and 31 seconds to find the human if you turn into Huggy. You lose if you are unable to locate them in the allowed time.

This game has horror elements like Poppy Playtime, Geometry Dash Bloodbath, and FNAF Security Breach. Therefore, it is not suitable for kids under 12 ages.