Scary Run

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Enjoy online scary game

Your only goal is to survive in Scary Run! Many monsters and ghosts chase or get in the way. Jump over all the zombies to escape from this place now.

The little boy tries to escape from a lot of strange creatures and he needs your help. You will control him to pass over all the deadly obstacles and these creatures. Remember to not touch them unless you want to end the game. Are you ready to challenge your control skills and agility? Let’s start this game!

How to play Scary Run

On the road, some zombies are waiting for you on the road. You will press the up arrow to jump over them. The skeletons chase right behind you. If you hit any rocks or objects on the road, they will catch you immediately. Therefore, don't collide any things, even the birds in the air. Sometimes, your character runs very fast, so no monsters can capture him. Then, he will return to normal speed after a short time. Collecting coins is a very necessary mission. I'm sure you will love this game at first because it can bring you a relaxing time. Have fun!