Scary Teacher 3D

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Scary high school teacher

An evil teacher in Scary Teacher 3D is threatening students. How will you respond and how to get rid of this teacher? Let's start a crazy work of revenge.

Surely when we were in school we all met difficult and scary teachers, right? Maybe it's because we're too naughty and the teacher's too hard, so we both don't like each other. But this scary teacher threatened children, physically punished and sometimes abused children. Now that she is your neighbor again, what will you do to get revenge? You need to touch the virtual D-pad to move your character across the map, explore each room, complete the levels, and finally escape the evil teacher. The game has sharp 3D graphics with realistic creepy sounds but no gore scenes that will make you immersed in the action.

Take revenge on the teacher

After all, the teacher is a girl and is alone, so it will not be possible to pay attention to everything. You can take revenge by being as gentle as letting her pet go for her to find. To interact with the world in Scary Teacher 3D, simply move your mouse until it's in your field of vision, then tap the button on the right side of the screen. This is you can use each item and prank the teacher. You absolutely can't let her spot you while on a mission so be sure to use the rearview mirror in the upper right corner of the screen to keep an eye on the crazy teacher. There are 15 rooms in the game for you to explore with many secrets and items for you to earn. You'll probably see images of victim children, threatened animals, or power-up chocolate cakes.