SCP-096 Modest

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About SCP-096 Modest

Have you played SCP-096 Modest? This game will surprise you with its horror and fascinating gameplay. Try to survive while facing a crazy character. In particular, your opponent is very cunning and aggressive. So, be careful!

Your Opponents

Prepare yourself and start this horror survival game! In this game, you won't face monsters like playing Cabin Horror and Siren Head. Compared to your enemies in the SCP-096 Modest game, previous monsters aren't really scary.

Your opponent is a lunatic, a result of crazy science experiments. He escaped and destroyed anyone. Use your ability and guts to find a way out and avoid the onslaught of this madman!

Hold on because it is truly spine-tingling.

You can access this horror game on our website for free. If you want to play other horror games, you can try Surze, Clown Nights, Color Horror, and FNAF Security Breach.