Slender Man Must Die: Survivors

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About Slender Man Must Die: Survivors

Welcome to Slender Man Must Die: Survivors where you can go to the spooky Slenderman realm full of secret events.

Before starting this horror game, you can choose your character and engage in combat with Slenderman, a terrible servant, and his allies. Other games such as Color Horror, SCP-096 Modest, and FNAF Security Breach don't have this feature. So, let's play the Slender Man Must Die: Survivors game bow to enjoy unique features!

Kill Slenderman and His Companions

Be prepared for the fact that these monsters are just as terrifying as Slenderman himself. Slenderman and monsters are unsettling, ruthless, and cunning. Use your pistol to stop these criminals. They are looking at you in such great numbers that it as though they will never stop.

Try to survive as long as you can while taking out as many terrifying monsters as you can. Will you actually get to meet Slednerman? You can only meet him when you shoot down all monsters.