Slingshot Vampire

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The Danger That Vampires Face

The vampires are in danger in the castle of the Slingshot Vampire. Help them escape by jumping high and avoiding dangers like flames and spikes.

You must know very well about vampires with sharp fangs. They are afraid of light and always sleep in coffins or dark houses. You will experience that feeling when playing Slingshot Vampire. In the game, you will transform into a small vampire in an ancient castle. Peaceful life passed until your place was harmed by bad guys. They damage your castle and let light in. And so you need to jump as high as possible if you don't want to get burned. There are glowing green circles where you can pause. Jump as fast as you can if you don't want to become a vampire. The higher you climb, the more deadly traps you will encounter such as fire spray, sharp nails, saw blades, etc. They will get you crushed and lose the game.

Help the Vampires win

With just a few simple clicks and drags, you can help him jump high in Slingshot Vampire. Mouse drags will have arrows indicating the vampire's flight path. You should aim properly at the blue circle points. If you slip and fall, the vampire will die. If you stay in one place for too long, you will die. Light is its weak point, so you need to remember to shoot the vampire jumping accurately.

Some items

You also need to calculate the firing line to be able to collect the gold coins scattered around. It is what helps you to exchange some other appearance for the vampire. In addition to these gold coins, you can get unique items that can give you an advantage and help you stay alive, such as shields or items that help you fly far, despite any obstacles in your way.