Sonic exe

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The Green Hedgehog's Journey

Sonic exe is an extremely attractive dangerous adventure game. In the game, you will control a green hedgehog to overcome all deadly traps and get high scores.

Surely everyone is no stranger to Sonic games with green hedgehogs. Next to this game, Sonic exe will still give you a sense of adventure with the green hedgehog, but there are more thrilling and dangerous things. Sonic himself had an evil-looking appearance, bloody eyes, and a sinister smile, making him far more disturbing than the Sonic the Hedgehog you were used to. This time you take control of the Exetior, a spooky variant of the green hedgehog. The character appears in a haunted video game disc in which the monster kills Sonic's main characters. He is currently looking for a genuine version of himself to kill. You will use your skill and agility to start this adventure journey. In order to earn the highest score possible and advance through each act as quickly as possible. The higher the score on the leaderboard, the winner you will be. The more rings you collect, the higher your score will be. Aim to reach the end, where there is a signboard, as quickly as you can. The higher the score on the leaderboard, the winner you will be. Lava, water, and spikes are also just a few examples for the dangers you encounter on the road.

Escape from danger

The adventure will end if you hit them. consequently, in order to beat them, you should jump as high as you can. Please press the arrow keys on the keyboard when playing on the computer. To jump higher and farther, use the jump spring. Each level is a world of its own for you to begin a strange and different journey. The different challenges and gameplay will let you no longer feel bored. You must develop both your own strategies and skill sets. Along with unique graphics, sprites, and eerie audio, the game also has new game mechanics, more difficult-level designs, and many other things. Actions, different actions are waiting for you and your friends to explore together.