Steveman and Alexwoman

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About Steveman and Alexwoman

Steveman and Alexwoman is an action adventure game that is fun and requires you to focus. Help your two characters overcome a series of challenges together.

Meet Steveman

At the heart of this thrilling adventure is Steveman, the game's brave protagonist. Steveman is a brave and resourceful adventurer, known for his steadfast determination to protect his kingdom from the forces of evil. Players take the role of Steveman, guiding him through various challenges and missions to test his skills and intellect.

About Alexwoman

Joining forces with Steveman is Alexwoman, a dynamic and skilled companion on this epic journey. Alexwoman is known for her keen intelligence, agility, and intricate artistic mastery. She acts as a trusted ally, accompanying Steveman across vast expanses and lending her abilities to overcome formidable foes. The game allows players to seamlessly switch between characters, providing a unique gameplay experience that adds depth to the story.

Steveman and Alexwoman Endless Adventures

This couple will face countless unimaginable threats. And this is not the case, because it is simpler to face challenges together than to do it alone, because character management requires players to be maximally focused. The journey of the boys will take place in a large number of stages, each of which they will participate in turn, provided you have to assist them in completing the challenges of different levels. The game starts with the first of them, which is the one that requires the least skill. Both characters will be placed at the beginning of the route, leading in the opposite direction to them and ending at a door painted purple.

To pass through this door, they must overcome a number of dangerous traps that have been set up at various points along the way. It is important that both main characters cross the finish line successfully. This is the only scenario in which the level can end. Be very careful, because no character will be fooled. Assist them in collecting bright objects as well.

Game control

  • Player 1: Use WASD keys to move.
  • Player 2: Use arrow keys to move.