Stupid Zombies

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About Stupid Zombies

Clean up stupid zombies in the exciting zombie shooting game Stupid Zombies. In the game take down the brainless zombies by completing 960 levels.

Is this a puzzle game?

Join the game if you think the game is simply to destroy each zombie. But the game Stupid Zombies will give you experiences other than simple zombie shooting. The zombies are very numerous. They are even more ammo than you have a lot. So using bullets to take out each zombie is impossible. Not to mention the locations where you can't shoot zombies directly. So Stupid Zombies can also be considered a puzzle game. Find a way to shoot all the zombies with a limited amount of bullets. The zigzag lines will be an advantage for you in this game. So use it to take out more zombies. In addition, objects such as bombs, heavy wooden frames, or many other hints will be useful for you to destroy all zombies.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to bring the viewfinder to the exact position you want.

Game stages need you to conquer

The game has all 4 stages of play. Phase 1 is the first stage for you to practice. After completing 30 levels in the first stage you will unlock the second stage. Stage 2 is called Coming Soon. Completing stage 2 you will unlock the 3rd stage. Finally completing stage 3 you will unlock the 4th stage. Each stage will bring you a different wonderful world. More than that, the puzzles will be more difficult for you. Join the game to conquer all the stages now!