Subway Surfers

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Introducing the game Subway Surfers

In the game, you will play the role of young Jake. Jake is a person with a personality and he always wants to find adventurous races. Typically the game runs on the train track. This is very dangerous so the inspectors are trying to chase to catch Jake. Your main task is to control Jake to run as far as possible on the train track. This is not simple. Because there are many obstacles on the train track. The first obstacle you encounter is the opposite direction. You are running in the opposite direction of the train, so watch carefully so you don't hit the front of the train. Besides, you will encounter obstacles such as fences. If you collide with these obstacles you will definitely be arrested by the inspector. How far will you run on this train track? Let's start playing the game now!

Collect gold coins

On the way to move try to collect as many gold coins as possible. Because when you have enough gold, you can upgrade your strength and customize your character. You can also unlock and discover new skateboards. These skateboards will help you to score more points and give you beautiful hovers.


The game is developed by SYBO and Kiloo

The current growth rate of Subway Surfers

The game has now achieved 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store for the Android platform and 400 million downloads on the App Store for the iOS platform. With this outstanding development, publishers promise to bring many surprises to users.

How to control the character Jake

Use the left/right arrow keys to move the character left/right
Use the down arrow to scroll
Use the Space bar to activate the hoverboard