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Knock out any enemies

Superfighters bring retro battles to players. You can play this game alone or have fun with your friends. Let's attack with a combo or shoot up foes.

You can use the grenade, guns, or hands to destroy the opponents. There are many useful items such as bullet times which can help you master time. At that time, everything will move very slowly. You can utilize it to defeat opponents. You can kick objects in front of you by pressing the N key. You will also kick enemies that are located slightly below you.

Two modes with three different mini-mode in Superfighters

As I mentioned, you can select 1 player or 2 player modes in this game. You can fight single with 1 player or cooperate with another in 2 player mode. It's up to you. Besides each mode will contain three mini-modes which are vs com, stage mode, and survival. You will fight against AI in the vs come. In stage mode, you need to kill all enemies to pass the next stage. You have to survive through the attack wave of enemies in survival mode.

Game control in Superfighters

  • N to perform attack combo or pick up weapons
  • M for shooting the gun and using the up and down arrows to adjust the angles.
  • Use the arrow keys to direct the character
  • "," key to throw the grenade
  • "." key to use the bullet time.