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About Surze

Surze is a survival horror game played in the first person. Your mission is to overcome the stalking of monsters to rescue the children from the haunted school.

A local public school's classrooms and corridors are being terrorized by a terrible monster. The yellow bus is outside waiting for you, but you don't have the key to start it. Find it and assist the youngsters in hiding in dark spaces away from the thing. Start by rescuing the required amount of kids from the classroom or wherever they are hiding in order to avoid being captured by the demons. A student hiding in one of the rooms will shout out when you get close to them. Draw them in so they can join you and follow you around. Before grabbing the school bus keys and running away, track down all six kids. Don't let the darkness engulf them. If you go, these children will be in danger. Also, you need to make an effort to find the bus keys because you need to put them on the bus before leaving the devil's school. You are ready to face this mission. You should remember that the higher the level, the more difficult your task will be.

Featured in the game Surze

  • Game graphics bring a creepy feeling
  • Rescue missions that need you to complete
  • The game maintains a high level of tension
  • Exciting horror game

How to play

  • To move you need to use the WASD key
  • To interact with the objects around you use the mouse