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Play Terraria to participate in an action-adventure game while exploring a mysterious land. Mine, craft, and fight using 500 different weapons!

How To Control

  • WASD - Move
  • 0 - 9 - Select Tool
  • R - Reset Me
  • Click - Dig/Place
  • C - Center on Mouse
  • E - Open/Close Inventory
  • K - Creative ModeF
  • F - Open Territories Map

Crafting and Finding Important Items

Crafting Platinum Armor

Mining ore is an important job for crafting. One of the most important resources is platinum. If the Map has platinum ore, there is no gold ore, and vice versa. Therefore, you need to pay attention to what ore your map has. After that, go mining and crafting different items.

Here, you will receive instructions on making platinum armor, a highly resistant armor. Besides armor, platinum can also make many other high-end items.

First, go get ore and dig for ore. You can use the Spelunker potion to make it easier to see ores. Resource ores around you will glow for 5 minutes. It is easy to find and exploit. However, these areas can have traps. Careful!

Second, you should go home to start crafting the armor set. Open Inventory and place it in the gray crafting box at the bottom. You will get crafting hints if you are near the Crafting NPC. Then choose armor. Good luck!

How to find the Enchanted Sword

In the process of exploring the caves, you will find the Enchanted sword. This sword is usually located in caves on the map. In particular, the find rate will be higher if you go to ancient caves. According to rumors, this sword was left by the ancient warrior and it has extraordinary power. Try to find the Enchanted sword to own the most powerful weapon.

In fact, this Enchanted sword is usually white or blue. You can hit enemies with 24 damage each time. In particular, you can hit an attack that flies out like arrows. This ability is very useful if you are fighting solo or killing multiple monsters and bosses at the same time.

This is a good sword and you need to be very lucky to earn this weapon. You have to rely on luck to earn it.

However, there is a tip for you. This sword is usually in the cave on the right side. The search rate on the right will be higher than on the left.

Get the Necessary NPCs in Terraria

NPCs are characters that follow you and give you different benefits. For example, you can collect the first NPC, the Crafting NPC who guides you in crafting various items. NPCs can be killed by monsters and bosses. It's okay if they die because it doesn't affect you. However, you will lose the benefits they are giving you. You can leave NPCs at home and use them as needed.

Not every NPC is important. However, there are some important NPCs you should seek out and collect.

  • Merchant NPC appears when there are 50 coins. You need 2 houses to own this NPC. It can help you make more money.
  • Nurse NPC can help you recover more than 100 HP. However, this NPC will collect your money.
  • Dryad will sell you seeds. After other NPCs die, it will appear.
  • Demolitionist appears after you earn the bomb. This NPC will sell you good bombs.

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