The Baby In Yellow

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Being a nanny for a child in a yellow shirt

The Baby In Yellow will give us a horror time as a nanny. Our boy in a yellow shirt is very strange and has bright red eyes, how will you take care of him?

You think children will be very cute right? Seeing children babble talking and learning to walk with big round eyes is really very happy. But that's not true of our baby in The Baby In Yellow. The child stood out with a larger-than-life yellow shirt and sparkling eyes. You would love to be a nanny for that child because he is very obedient and loves you. You are still taking care of the baby every day and doing the assigned tasks. But while not paying attention, you will notice that the boy's eyes will turn red when he is annoyed. You obviously lulled and focused on getting a good night's sleep, but after a while, you saw him running very fast and chasing you. That series of actions scared you. You have 5 nights equal to 5 chances to protect yourself. What do you have to do to be able to safely survive these 5 nights?

How to get rid of the baby in the yellow shirt

Looking at a child who seems to be obediently drinking milk and watching TV is actually very difficult. It will occasionally turn to look at you with its red eyes and a devilish smile. You've been hired to be his babysitter, so what do you have to do not to upset him? Fear run away or continue to face. Running away is impossible because it will guess your thoughts. If you take good care of it, that baby is also very gentle. Pay attention to the tasks displayed at the top of the screen, and move with the mouse and arrow keys to perform them. If you do that well, you'll be safe. Surely The Baby In Yellow will also bring you many unexpected secrets about this baby and this house. If you are not afraid, play it right away.