The Great Ghoul Duel

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The Great Ghoul Duel Rules

When playing The Great Ghoul Duel you will no longer feel afraid of ghosts because you will have to collect souls to expand the territory with opponents.

This is a horror game, so the setting will be taken around an old abandoned house. This place is gloomy and dark, so it is very convenient for ghosts to live there. Including you and your opponents. Here ghosts are divided into two teams with two separate colors. You are not selected but will be randomly assigned to the team. The task of each team will be to collect more souls in that house and bring it back to their base. Go to every nook and cranny and find as many as you can. The team with the most wins will advance to the next round. The more souls, the more your team's territory will expand. But is it simple to collect those souls?

How to win

This dark old house is a suitable place for ghosts to reside, but it is also a weak point. Why? Because it will make you not able to see the opponent's position clearly. The turns will also be in hidden corners that you can hardly see. If you do have collisions, they will delay time and can be dangerous and cause you to lose the game. You control your ghost with ASDW keys to move and collect souls. Only then can you grow up to protect yourself? Because big ghosts can also stab you and take away the number of souls you have. Of course, you can also do the same with your opponent. Try to be strong and be a useful member of your team.