Think to Escape 2

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The Mystery in Think to Escape 2

Do you consider yourself an intelligent person? Try playing Think to Escape 2 to use your own reasoning, and rely on clues in the room to find the opening key

On an ordinary day, you wake up to find yourself in an unfamiliar room. On reflex, you will run right out the first door. The room was not dark but both the main door and the side door were locked. Look around the room in Think to Escape 2 once carefully. It has everything from vases, TV stands, windows, bookshelves, etc. Each one is a different color and doesn't blend in with the style of the whole room. That is the point of suspicion, so everything in the room is a clue for you to be able to get out. Start using your reasoning right away.

Escape from the room

Think to Escape 2 is a single-player game so you must completely rely on yourself to escape. Only smart reasoning can get you out. For instance, in a room, the outside door is locked, as long as you look for it, you will find right under the TV shelf there are 3 boxes to enter the code. That's the way to open it. And the next thing you need to do is solve those 3 numbers. It could be the number on the bookshelf, the number of flowers, etc. To escape or not is up to each person, and it is necessary to solve a lot of puzzles to logically put things together. Good luck to you being able to go out.