Traffic Racer

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Driving on the street

Traffic Racer is racing on the streets. You need to control the car skillfully through the checkpoints and upgrade the car to reach the finish line quickly.

The special Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer will not be like regular car races. You will not race in the mountains with many dangerous roads. In this game, you will only go on a flat highway but the traffic is stuffy. All cars are cars, every road has many cars blocking the way, please be quick to dodge.

Traffic Racer rules

You need to use good speed control to be able to pass the checkpoint as far as possible. Avoid colliding with other vehicles or you will lose. Especially there are a lot of gold coins along the way. Grab it and start upgrading your car.


  • Up arrow: speed up
  • Down arrow: brake
  • Arrows left, right: move to another lane