Vampire Survivors

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About Vampire Survivors

Are you ready to play Vampire Survivors? Vampire Survivors is a survival vampire-against game for single players. You have to kill as many vampires as possible while trying to survive.

The game's objective is to survive in a world with real vampires. You play as a single character who is targeted by Bisconte Draculo and his army of vampires. In this new world, you must now survive.

More Information for You

You wake up in your own bed at the beginning of the story after losing a vampire world. Subsequent to acknowledging what has occurred, you choose to go out into the night to track down help for yourself and others also. You start looking for a way out of this terrifying world. But you are found right away, and now you have to kill vampires and find a way to survive.

Let's use your skills to run away from every vampire. Try not to get bitten. You can also purchase brand-new character skins and power-ups by going to shops.

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