Vote For Gumball

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About Vote For Gumball

Vote For Gumball is a fun game. Help Gumball compete for the principal in his school by solving puzzles in levels, reaching out to students, and winning votes.

Welcome to "Vote For Gumball", an exciting platform adventure game featuring the lovable Cartoon Network character from the popular animated series of the same name. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey where you play a key role in helping Gumball become the School Principal. This game is designed to test your skills, strategic thinking, and determination as you guide Gumball through various challenges to achieve your goals.

In this game the fate of the position of the school principal is in your hands. Gumball is eager to lead and make a difference, but he needs your support. Your mission is simple: vote for Gumball and help him overcome all obstacles to secure his position as President. With your help, Gumball will become the only candidate and win the school election.

Complete the levels

The game features six exciting levels, each filled with unique challenges and opponents that Gumball must overcome. As you progress, the difficulty increases, testing your reflexes and problem-solving abilities. Traverse a variety of environments, from bustling school hallways to challenging classrooms, all while encountering enemies that will try to stand in the way of Gumball's success.

Use power-ups and unlock rewards

To aid Gumball in his campaign, you'll gain access to a host of abilities and powers. Use Gumball's wits, agility, and resourcefulness to outsmart opponents and navigate treacherous terrain. Collect special items and unlock hidden rewards along the way to increase Gumball's chances of winning. Engage in thrilling battles with other contenders and defeat them to clear the way. Keep an eye out for power-ups and collectibles that can give Gumball an advantage during his quest.

How to play Vote For Gumball?

  • You'll need to use the arrow keys to play the game, and you'll need to walk around the hallway while properly dressed. You will also need to befriend the kids to collect their votes. Gumball's friend Darwin is also there, he'll take pictures of you and use flash to startle your opponents.
  • To switch between characters, use the Z key on your keyboard. The Z key lets you switch between Gumball and Darwin, while the spacebar lets you open doors, move objects, enter tunnels, or destroy obstacles in your way. You can switch between Gumball and Darwin with the Z key.