Wild West Survivor

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Wild West Survivor is a top-down shooter with classic, engaging visuals. You will play as a brave cowboy who confronts scary creatures in this game.

Do you like shooting guns? Fighting opposing sides in a war is difficult and risky. There are many enemies that want to draw you into this game and all of them are aimed at you specifically. Take possession of your weapons, then threaten them with your abilities to prove who the real leader is.

Use shooting skills to eliminate the creatures

Stay away from them and make it your goal to get rid of any ugly creatures or anyone with bad intentions pursuing you. Your weapon can rotate around you in a circle, giving you the ability to shoot anyone approaching from behind you from any direction. It is helpful to avoid injury when it includes many different types of activities. If you are slower than them, you have very little chance of winning.

Which shot you take will be determined by the color of the dice you roll and place on your character's head. The maximum number of times you are allowed to fire a particular bullet is equal to the number that appears on the dice. If you want to eliminate individual creatures, you will need to be careful to avoid them and you will need to shoot accurately. You should not worry because the dice will continue to roll even if you run out of ammo. If there are no more lives left for you to use, the game is over for you.

There are still a few additional games, such as the fnaf security breach game, that you can participate in on our site. This is a horror survival game and you can play it whenever you want to test your bravery and skills.

Rules of playing Wild West Survivor

You can use the mouse to start playing. Move can be done by pressing Arrows or WASD.