Zombie Reform

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About Zombie Reform

Let's kill all zombies in the Zombie Reform game now! You will own the most powerful weapons and let's use them to knock out any zombies around you.

Different maps

There are 6 maps in this shooting game. Each map will contain 12 levels and you must complete them in turn to finish 6 maps. Of course, the background and the zombies' levels also change after each level.

Characters and weapons

There are 4 characters and one of them is available while the others need to be unlocked with cash. The important factor to defeat zombies is a weapon. There are 15 weapons that can be purchased and upgraded in this game. Only the most powerful weapon can destroy high-level zombies.

Shoot boss in Zombie Reform

In each level, you can see a big boss which is the strongest zombie. If you can knock them out, you can pass a level. Of course, the game won't be easy because there are many other zombies around you.

Move the character

To ensure safety, you need to keep moving. If you just stand in one place, the zombies will easily access you and can kill your character. When moving, you need to take care of the zombies behind you. Remember the zombies can appear on any side.

Shoot zombies accurately

You will move the target on the zombie and fire. The low-level zombie can die with one bullet, but you need to shoot many bullets to kill the strong zombies. Take care of your HP! If it runs out, the game will be over. You can get more HP on the land. Now, it's time to kill zombies!