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Story in ZOOM-BE

ZOOM-BE is a fascinating zombie rescue game. In this game, you can play with your friends at the same time to help the corpse escape safely.

ZOOM-BE is set in a dark house. Everyone thinks the undead are bad people and keeps them locked up, right? Cannibal zombies are scary, but there are also vegetarian zombies. Typical are 2 zombies in ZOOM-BE. It seems that the two only eat green vegetables, so they are also green and not scary on the contrary, they are cute. It's pitiful for them to be locked up here. Let's start the journey to rescue them both.

Rescue two undead

This is a game for two players so you can play with your friends to rescue two zombies at the same time

Character control

  • Move - A/D or Left/Right arrow keys
  • Jump - W or Up arrow key
  • Kick - S or Down arrow key

Rescue journey

Both are locked with the doors locked. If you don't want to be locked up forever and experimented on, you need to escape. Use your skills to help both break the doors and avoid dangers. When both characters get to the Exit door, you have passed the level. Going to a new level is a new room and you must continue to think of ways to help this two undead.